Tooth Extractions

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Sometimes a problematic tooth is too far gone to receive treatment, making a tooth extraction the best option. Losing a tooth can cause some people to worry about their oral health and physical appearance. Thankfully, there are dental treatments that can restore a person’s smile after tooth removal. 

At  Smile Forever Family Dentistry, we understand the importance of oral health and how a missing tooth can affect our patients’ mouth and jaw, and its impact on a person’s self-confidence. We perform teeth extractions in Morrisville, NC, and offer clients several teeth replacement options.  

Reasons for a Tooth Extraction  

Wisdom Tooth Impaction 

Wisdom teeth usually begin erupting from the gums once a person is in their teen years. Unfortunately, most people don’t have enough room for these four additional molars, so they emerge partially or at an angle. Also, the teeth are in hard-to-reach places, which makes brushing and flossing difficult. 

Wisdom tooth removal is often necessary to alleviate pain from impaction and prevent a patient’s tooth decay.  


Tooth decay is a common problem. Though we strive to empower our patients with tools and education about proper oral hygiene, dental cavities can still occur. Removing a tooth may be necessary to prevent further damage if the decay begins to deteriorate the pulp inside the tooth. 


Sometimes teeth grow in the wrong positions, causing neighboring teeth to be too close together. If a young patient is seeking orthodontic treatments, such as braces, to straighten their teeth and improve their smile, they may need a tooth extraction to help the teeth have a proper alignment.  

Types of Teeth Extractions in Morrisville, NC 

There are two ways to remove a tooth: 

  1. Basic: When a tooth is visible inside the mouth, it requires a basic extraction. The patient may have general anesthesia or a local analgesic so that they will feel no pain. 
  1. Surgical: For broken teeth at the gumline, surgical tooth extraction is necessary. The procedure is also best for removing teeth that are below the gums. Oral surgeons cut into the gum tissue to access the problematic tooth.

In many cases, we can do a basic tooth extraction with a local analgesic. However, patients who need a general anesthetic will receive the treatment in a hospital setting. 

Tooth Replacement Options 

Once we carefully remove your tooth, the socket will develop a blood clot as the gum begins to heal. Patients may have pain and swelling for about 48 hours after the procedure, but using prescribed pain medication and ice packs can reduce discomfort. 

Once the gum heals, we can discuss tooth replacement options. Though some people don’t have a cosmetic issue from a missing tooth, restorative treatments are often necessary. 

Having a sizable gap between teeth can cause teeth to shift, leading to bone loss in the jaw and an altered face shape. To preserve a smile and the integrity of our patient’s mouth, we offer dental implants and bridges to replace missing teeth.  

At Smile Forever Family Dentistry, we provide expert teeth extractions in Morrisville, NC, at a caring, technologically advanced dental office. Contact our team today at 919-460-9061 to book an appointment.  

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