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Are you looking for a family dentist in Morrisville, NC? If so, contact our team today at 919-460-9061 to schedule an appointment.  

Everyone needs an experienced dentist to provide dental care and help improve their oral health. Having a family dentist is an excellent way to ensure that every household member has access to quality dental care. 

Smile Forever Family Dentistry is a top family dentist in Morrisville, NC. Dr. Tina Murray and Dr. Jimin Oh lead our team of exceptional dental hygienists, associates, and supporting staff. We treat patients of all ages, including young children, adolescents, teens, adults, and seniors.  

Who We Are 

At our state-of-the-art dental practice, our patient’s health is our top priority. The Smile Forever Family Dentistry team believes in empowering our patients with the knowledge they need to care for their teeth and gums correctly. We strive to create a welcoming and comfortable environment as we treat our patients and develop long-lasting relationships with them. 

Because we treat people of all ages, families can receive long-term treatment from our professional staff instead of visiting multiple dental offices for each family member. We also offer various preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental services to meet the needs of everyone in your household.  

Dental Exams and Cleanings 

When you schedule a routine dental appointment at our facility, we will begin with a comprehensive dental exam that includes x-ray imaging of the entire mouth. The purpose of the exam is to determine your oral health and detect signs of possible problems like cavities.  

After the exam, our skilled dental hygienist will carefully clean your teeth. Though daily brushing and flossing are necessary, some areas of the mouth are hard to reach, creating pockets where food particles and bacteria can hide. Our hygienist removes plaque and tartar from your teeth and gum line using manual tools and sonic equipment.  

Some of the benefits of routine dental examinations and teeth cleaning are: 

  • Early detection of severe issues like gum disease 
  • Brighter and cleaner teeth 
  • Overall improvement of oral health 

Other Dental Services We Provide 

Exams and cleanings aren’t the only services we offer at Smile Forever Family Dentistry. We understand that everyone has different dental needs, so we offer many cosmetic, restorative, and preventative treatments to accommodate various dental conditions. 

Dental Fillings 

We use dental fillings to fill cavities after we remove the decaying tissue. We primarily use tooth-colored composite resin for the job, which also works for sealing chipped or cracked teeth. 

Night Guards 

People who experience bruxism or nighttime teeth grinding can benefit from our custom night guards. The custom-fit plastic trays fit securely around teeth and prevent them from rubbing together, which can cause damage, headaches, and jaw pain. 

Tooth Extractions 

A tooth extraction removes a tooth that has irreparable damage from decay, gum disease, or trauma. We only remove teeth as a last resort, and we offer restorative treatments like dental implants and dentures to restore your smile. 

For a family dentist in Morrisville, NC, you can trust, turn to Smile Forever Family Dentistry. Our experienced team offers many quality dental care treatments to improve your oral health and brighten your smile. Call us today at 919-460-9061 to schedule an appointment. 

Smile Forever
Family Dentistry

A patient-centric dental practice with a compassionate approach, Smile Forever Family Dentistry creates healthy, vibrant smiles in Morrisville, NC. Committed to excellence, we are a cohesive team that cultivates long-lasting relationships with our patients, providing the necessary education for optimal dental health and care.

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