Dentistry for Children

Maintaining Early Oral Health Through Pediatric Dentistry 

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Preserve a healthy future for your infant or toddler through dentistry for children in Morrisville, NC! Brushing your child’s teeth can prove difficult, especially when parents have so many other things to do. However, it remains essential that parents introduce good dental hygiene habits early, including regular visits to the pediatric dentist in North Carolina. 

What To Expect Regarding Your Child’s Teeth 

In general, an infant’s baby teeth will start to erupt at the six-month mark. By age three, most children have all of their primary teeth. Throughout the teething process, a child may experience brief episodes of discomfort whenever a new tooth emerges. Parents can ease their child’s minor pain by gently rubbing the sore gums with a cool washcloth or offering a teething toy. 

Around the age of six, most children lose their first baby tooth. Parents can expect the emergence of their child’s first permanent teeth at about the same time. Dentistry for children in Morrisville, NC, is crucial, from the first eruption of a baby tooth to the emergence of wisdom teeth in early adulthood. 

Encouraging Proper Dental Hygiene Habits 

Once an infant’s first primary tooth emerges, parents should closely inspect it and begin brushing it. Look for any signs of tooth decay or formative defects. While parents should brush their infant’s teeth after every meal, this often proves impractical. Brushing your baby’s teeth once in the morning and again before bedtime is a good starting point. 

Adding a little fun to the brushing of a baby’s teeth can go a long way towards encouraging proper dental hygiene habits for life. Consider singing and dancing to one of several well-known toothbrushing songs. Parents can also use a colorful, cartoon-themed toothbrush and flavored toothpaste to make the process more fun. However, take care not to use fluoride toothpaste until age two. 

Establishing Lifelong Trust in Dentists  

For most patients, fear of the dentist begins in childhood. That’s why our compassionate staff at Smile Forever Family Dentistry focuses on providing a fun, stress-free experience for our youngest patients. Most children’s dentists recommend a child sees a dentist by the age of one and twice a year after that to prevent tooth decay, dental infections, and other dental issues. 

We try to make visits to our dental office fun by rewarding children with small toys, stickers, and exciting, informative videos. Our staff also has no problem acting silly to reduce stress and build trust. If necessary, we also offer mild sedatives to ease a child’s anxiety. 

Every six months, a child should receive a fluoride treatment to keep tooth decay at bay. A pediatric dentist can also apply a tooth sealant to further protect a child’s teeth, especially in areas that brushing often misses. Once applied, tooth sealant can prevent cavities for most of a patient’s childhood.  

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