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Your teeth play a role in your smile’s attractiveness, which in turn affects your self-esteem and confidence. Decay, discolored, fractured, chipped, misaligned, and crooked teeth not only impact your smile but they can also affect your oral health.  

As a top cosmetic dentist in Morrisville, NC, Smile Forever Family Dentistry understands the importance of beautiful, healthy teeth. Our experienced team of dentists and dental professionals provides quality dental care to patients of all ages. We offer a wide array of cosmetic dental services, some of which you can learn about below. 

Teeth Whitening 

When patients come to our state-of-the-art dental office for a routine dental exam, we will ensure that their teeth receive a thorough cleaning. For dull, discolored teeth, we also provide teeth whitening services to brighten your smile. 

Discoloration can occur in teeth in several ways, such as: 

  • Smoking 

  • Taking certain medications 

  • Aging 

  • Drinking heavily pigmented beverages like coffee, tea, and cola 

  • Having poor dental hygiene

After carefully examining your teeth, our skilled dental hygienist can use one of several methods to lift stubborn stains and give you a stunning smile. For instance, we use a particular professional-strength dental solution to whiten discolorations.  

We can also use a high-performing whitening gel and curing light. The treatment will brighten teeth up to eight shades lighter than typical over-the-counter whitening toothpaste. 

Dental Bonding 

Another cosmetic procedure we use at Smile Forever Family Dentistry is dental bonding. We carefully apply tooth-colored composite resin onto teeth that have small chips, cracks, or faint stains. Our team can also use the material to correct slight tooth misalignments and fill small gaps.  

Dental bonding improves the look of a damaged tooth while acting as its reinforcement. We match the resin to the color of your natural teeth to give you a picture-perfect smile. 

Dental Implants 

As an adult, losing a tooth can occur from facial trauma or extensive dental problems like gum disease and tooth decay. Missing teeth not only affect your smile and bite, but they can also cause the remaining teeth to shift. As a result, you can have bone loss in your jaw and develop sunken cheeks, which further alters your appearance.  

Our cosmetic dentists in Morrisville, NC, can install dental implants to restore your missing tooth with a permanently fixed replacement tooth. The process begins with the surgical implanting of a small titanium rod into the gum tissue of the missing tooth. When the gum heals, we will attach a replacement tooth to the metal post. 

Some of the benefits of dental implants include: 

  • Natural-looking replacement teeth 

  • Treatment lasts a lifetime 

  • Bone loss reduction 

  • Better facial structure without premature sagging

Whether you have dental emergencies or want a better smile, the dental professionals at Smile Forever Family Dentistry are here to help. We are a leading cosmetic dentist in Morrisville, NC, and we have the skills and experience necessary to transform your smile and improve your oral health. To book an appointment, call us at 919-460-9061 today. 

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