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A missing tooth can negatively impact a patient’s self-confidence, sociability, and willingness to smile. Thankfully, you can replace a missing tooth by visiting Smile Forever Family Dentistry’s NC dentist office to install a dental bridge. Restore your smile to its original beauty with dental bridges in Morrisville, NC, and give yourself a reason to smile again. 

What Are Dental Bridges? 

As one of the most common dental restorations, a dental bridge spans the gap created by a lost tooth. Traditional bridges consist of an artificial tooth connected to two dental crowns placed onto the teeth adjacent to the gap. Once secured, the false tooth fills the gap and gives the appearance of healthy, natural teeth. 

Other Types of Dental Bridges 

When a traditional tooth bridge isn’t enough, dentists turn to alternative forms of dental bridges. Three of the most common types of dental bridges include Maryland bridges, cantilever bridges, and implant-supported bridges. 

Maryland Bridge 

As a crownless restoration, a Maryland bridge employs a false tooth with metal or porcelain wings, which attach to the abutment teeth adjacent to the gap. Some North Carolina patients prefer a Maryland bridge because it does not require the loss of enamel involved in placing crowns. 

Cantilever Bridge 

A cantilever bridge works just like a traditional bridge, except that the false tooth connects to only one crown. Dentists use cantilever teeth bridges when one of the teeth adjacent to the gap can not support a crown. 

Implant-Supported Bridge 

A dentist may suggest an implant-support bridge when a patient has lost three or more adjacent teeth. During a process that can take a few months to complete, the patient undergoes two surgeries. The dentist installs the dental implants during the first surgery, and the bridge goes into place during the second surgery.  

What Are the Benefits of Dental Bridges? 

Far more patients wear dental bridges than most people think. Whether a person suffers tooth loss due to poor oral hygiene, trauma, genetics, or some other cause, dental bridges in Morrisville, NC, offer a wide range of benefits. Discover the advantages of dental bridges below. 

Restored Function 

Perhaps the most important benefit of dental bridges, restored function allows patients to regain certain aspects of their lives that they once lost. Dental bridges allow patients to perform the following tasks properly: 

  • Chew 
  • Bite 
  • Speak 
  • Sing 

Preserved Bone Mass 

If a patient loses a tooth and doesn’t replace it, the jawbone will begin to shrink in the area below the gap, which can cause facial deformities. By installing a dental bridge and chewing as usual, a patient’s jawbone will continue to regenerate. 

Enhanced Smile 

Most patients seek out a dental bridge for aesthetic reasons. Restoring a smile to its usual appearance represents one of the main joys for dentists. 

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