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If you feel chronic toothache or sharp pain when you bite or chew, you may have an infection—consult with Smile Forever Family Dentistry today at (919) 460-9061 for dentistry and root canals in Morrisville, NC. 

More about Root Canals in Morrisville, NC 

The core of each tooth contains nerves and soft tissues. Collectively, these components are called the pulp. Over the pulp is hard enamel, which protects the tender interior from food and bacteria.  

Enamel wears down over time, dissolved by sugary and acidic foods and drinks, It is this erosion that results in cavities, but sometimes the decay is more serious. If it allows bacteria to enter the pulp area, there will be an infection with swelling, tenderness, and severe pain. A root canal (endodontics) procedure is typically necessary to repair and save the tooth and prevent further infection that could be dangerous to the body. 

Read our customer reviews for more about how the Smile Forever Family Dentistry team serves the area and root canals in Morrisville, NC. 

Is A Root Canal Necessary? 

If you have a cracked tooth, a deep cavity, or an existing filling issue, a root canal is necessary. The first sign that a patient needs a root canal is when teeth are overly sensitive to heat and cold. Other symptoms include: 

  • Swollen or sensitive gums 
  • Darkening of the gums 
  • Severe pain when biting or chewing 
  • Pimples on the gums 

Your dentist at Smile Forever Family Dentistry will need a complete look at the infected tooth and surrounding bone structure. They will order a series of X-rays to show the degree of tooth decay and infection clearly before they schedule a root canal procedure. 

What Happens During A Root Canal Procedure? 

Where do you go when you need root canals in Morrisville, NC? Smile Forever Family Dentistry is an excellent place to start. Their dentists can quickly fix cavities, but they also have endodontics specialists when the decay travels too far into the tooth. 

Before the procedure begins, an anesthetic numbs the area around the infected tooth. The infected pulp is removed, and the endodontist cleans the tooth’s interior of remnants of the infection. The dentist also fills and seals the site to prevent further issues. 

Once the filling sets, a dental crown fits over the area. When the crown is in place, it balances and supports the bite and allows the tooth to heal without further damage.  

Root Canal Benefits 

After the root canal procedure, there may be some mild tenderness as the site heals. You will need to avoid hard chewing or biting for several days until the tissues heal, but a long-term benefit of the procedure will be the ability to eat as you did before. Saving the tooth from extraction is the goal, and this one benefit is worth any short-term discomfort. 

Root canal treatment has a reputation for being painful, but it is similar to a filling. An over-the-counter anti-inflammatory or pain reliever may ease the discomfort after the procedure, but you may only need one or two appointments for the entire root canal therapy if your teeth are in good condition. 

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