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Take control of your oral health by scheduling a dental exam and teeth cleaning session every six months! Teeth cleanings help prevent cavities that, if left untreated, can require root canals. The dental exam that accompanies a teeth cleaning can also allow a dentist to catch serious, potentially life-threatening diseases before they become advanced.

Below, you can learn all about dental exams, teeth cleanings, and the benefits of both!

What Is a Dental Exam & Teeth Cleaning?

Dental exams and teeth cleanings go hand in hand. In most cases, a dentist or hygienist will examine a patient’s teeth before cleaning them. However, if a patient suffers from significant tartar and plaque buildup, a proper exam proves impossible until after the cleaning.

During a dental exam, the dentist will inspect the patient’s mouth for cavities, gingivitis, and other oral cavity diseases. Exams remain an important step in preventing severe dental problems down the road.

For teeth cleaning, dentists use a curved scaler and motorized polisher. The scaler’s sharp point helps dentists find soft spots in the patient’s enamel, which may indicate a cavity. The curve of the scaler allows dentists to scrape away plaque, tartar, and unwanted mineralization. Finally, the polisher removes any debris that remains, leaving the patient with a bright smile.

What Are the Benefits of a Dental Exam & Teeth Cleaning?

Keep your smile as bright and healthy as possible with a dental exam and teeth cleaning! A good-looking smile serves as the primary goal of teeth cleaning; however, getting your teeth cleaned every six months offers a wide range of other benefits, as well. Discover some of the secondary benefits of teeth cleaning in Morrisville, NC, below.

Early Cancer Screening 

One of the most significant advantages of undergoing a dental exam involves checking for early signs of mouth and tongue cancer. In some cases, regularly visiting your dentist can mean the difference between life and death.

Fresher Breath 

Brushing and flossing after every meal will go a long way towards maintaining fresh breath. Unfortunately, even the best dental hygiene routine will leave behind tartar and plaque. A dental cleaning removes the hard-to-reach bacterial buildup that causes bad breath.

Gingivitis Prevention 

Prevent gum disease with regular dental cleanings. Aside from discomfort, gingivitis can lead to tooth loss and weak jawbones. Thankfully, receiving regular dental services from a qualified professional significantly reduces the chance of developing gingivitis.

Stain Removal 

As a standard form of dental care, teeth cleaning helps eliminate stains caused by lifestyle choices. Some of the stains teeth cleanings can remove include those caused by:

  • Drinking coffee, tea, and wine

  • Cigarette smoking

  • Chewing tobacco

  • Berries, tomatoes, and other food items

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